“We are manufacturers of brand new bespoke wooden pallets & packing cases and currently supply many sectors such as food, steel and corrugated packaging.”

We are also capable of providing other products such as – Heat treated timber bearers, planed and standard lath, chipboard / plywood / hardboard all cut to size.

We spend around 3million on timber a year so can buy very competitively within the market, this enables us to save a lot of people money on their timber requirements.

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At E.W. Turner we’re able to design and make pallets to any specification required, our process is capable of being tailored to suit the needs of your business.
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Timber Pallets

E W Turner manufactures a vast array of both Two and Four way entry pallets for some of the largest companies in the country. With highly automated production lines, all pallets are manufactured to individual customer requirements.

Timber Decking for Pallet Racking

Manufactures a range of timber decking designed for pallet racking installations in warehouses and distribution centres